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Tauranga Immigration & Translation

Licenced Immigration Adviser & Russian Language Specialist in Tauranga

We assist people from all countries to visit, to study, to work , to live in New Zealand.

If you are planning your dream trip to Russia, Ukraine or any country of the CIS you really need to learn some basic Russian phrases such as hello, thanks and good bye, etc, and learn how to count your money!
Perhaps you are expecting some visitors from Russia or ...
Whatever your Russian needs we can help.
If you want to travel to a part of the world that is completely different then let us help you plan your needs.

Learn Russian Language

With an experienced and well qualified native Russian speaker teacher in Tauranga who has been living in NZ since 2002, has been teaching Russian to adults and to children since 2006 and has experience in providing lessons by Skype.
We can design an easy learning course to suit your needs such as getting ready to travel, or getting ready for the NZ-Russia Free Trade Agreement,other business needs or maybe private correspondence.
We offer Russian lessons online through Skype or face-to-face in Tauranga.
Depending from your particular needs we can provide you with teaching of a general and more helpful / typical Russian phrases and pronunciation for traveling to Russia, and / or as serious learning of the Russian language with writing, grammar etc.
Our tutoring includes Russian traditions, behavior and some tips for traveling to Russia if you need to.
Frequency depends from your availability, need, time and ability to do homework.
Each lesson consists of vocabulary, Russian grammar and homework (exercises and a text to translate).
English Russian Phonetic pronunciation 
hello привет pree- vet
How are you? Как дела? Kakdela?

Additionally to help with your homework you will be provided with voice audio emailed to you. With such a tailor made vocab you can then download to your MP3 or iPod – and away down the street you go.

Mrs Iryna Stewart
BPhysEd (Hons) DipTch  (St Petersburg). 
Cert Trans&Interp (AUT), NZSTI member.

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