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Tauranga Immigration Service & Russian Translation Service

Licenced Immigration Adviser & Russian Language Specialist in Tauranga

Introducing Mrs Iryna Stewart

Licensed Immigration Adviser specialized in English and Russian
(License N 201300760)
Translation Certificate & Interpreting Certificate (AUT)
NZSTI Affiliate member - www.nzsti.org;
Proguides NZ full member - www.proguidesnz.co.nz

Iryna was born in the Siberian North, spent her teenage years in Kirgizstan and the Crimea.
Being a bright student at school she was awarded an academic scholarhip to attend University in St Petersburg where she obtained an honours degree in Physical Education, plus a TeacherТs Diploma with added qualifications in sports medicine and physiotherapy.
She then moved to begin working in the East Crimean city of Kerch in the Southern Ukraine.
After teaching and event management with large public corporations she decided on a career change to work as a commercial manager of a television station for six years before coming to New Zealand in 2002.
Her overseas academic qualifications are recognised as being at Level 8 by NZQA Kiwi Quals.
Iryna gained her Certificate in Translation and Certificate in Interpreting from the Auckland University of Technology.
She is married to Dr A G Stewart, a teacher (of English as a second language) and professor of applied languages. Together they have travelled and worked in many countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.
As a very experienced translater Iryna has worked from simple letters up to large and complex trade and commercial documents.
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Licensed Immigration Adviser specialized in English and Russian (License N 201300760).

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